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At Jetstar we refer to children under 2 years old as infants.

If you’re travelling with your infant on your lap, you’ll pay an infant fee on all flights except New Zealand and Japan domestic flights, and flights to and from Cook Islands. On all flights where you’re travelling with an infant or small child, you can bring a pram, stroller, portable cot and highchair as checked baggage for free, and you also won’t be charged the oversized item fee for any of these items.

A single passenger may accompany two infants. One infant can be nursed on the passenger's lap, but the second infant must have an allocated seat and be sitting up unaided or in an approved car seat. Make sure you contact us if you’re bringing a car seat, as numbers per flight are limited. Make sure you also contact us if you’re travelling with more than one infant.

Infants over 3 months old must be accompanied by someone who’s 15 years or older, self-reliant and capable of looking after them, both at the airport and during the flight.

Infants less than three months old must travel with a parent or legal guardian.

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Your comprehensive reference guide to travelling with babies infants and children on Jetstars domestic and international flights.
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